Tales of Adventure Robin; Part 4

The Adventure Robin is enjoying the countdown to Cross Lanes opening and all the wonderful developments!

The amount of work that has been achieved at Cross Lanes over the last few months has been incredible and the transformation is still taking place.
Beds frames are racing up in the bedrooms which are all en suite, which means that the bed time routine of getting settled down is made all the easier. Giving everyone more energy for days full of action packed adventure and discovery.

A whole jungle is starting to take over the Piranha Pool, the vines are beginning to wind their way around the swing, pipes and puzzles, which will make our resident Piranhas feel right at home and hopefully nice and calm before the groups arrive to take on the pool.

The climbing holds are being put up on to our shiny new climbing wall ready for aspiring mountaineers and little monkeys to conquer. Both children and teachers will be able to choose how far they want to push themselves. Reach the top? Climb up using only one colour? You will get the chance to rely on your team mates to support each other and help keep each other safe at the same, all under the watchful eye of one of our expert instructors of course.

There are plenty of new faces around site too, lots of experienced staff have transferred from our other Robinwood centres and have answered the call to continue the Robinwood adventure in Wrexham. The work taking place has accelerated even more since their arrival, a true reflection of the values of the company – Through supporting others we achieve more as a team
More staff will be joining the Cross lanes family soon, to help put in the finishing touches on our brand new centre.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, or if you want to check Robinwood course availability and prices; please phone our school liaison team on 01706 814554