24 Hour Care at Robinwood

At Robinwood we have incredibly high standards in care, we understand how important it is to schools and parents that their children are well looked after. One thing that really sets Robinwood apart is the 24 hour care we provide

From the moment children step off the bus Robinwood staff are there to take care of them. The Group Leaders will look after them whilst on activities, but we also have staff that look after the children during meal times, bed times, through the night and first thing in the morning.

The team of staff who are timetabled to work through the night are responsible for the care and safety of the children over night and also prepare the centre for the next busy day. We operate a pager system which is linked to all external doors and to a button in each bedroom which can be pressed if the children need an adult during the night. The pager is carried by the Lead Night member of staff and is triggered if a child calls or any external doors are opened.

Teachers’ accommodation is situated near the children’s bedrooms, so visiting staff are always close to hand if needed. A school’s Course Leader will pass on relevant information to the Night Staff to aid in the overnight care of the children. We also have additional Beds and Wake-up staff who assist the Nights team during the busiest times.

Staff are timetabled to look after schools during meal times, serve food and help the children prepare for their next activities.

Children are always supervised by a member of the Robinwood team, and the level of supervision we provide means visiting staff can choose their level of involvement. But of course, we love to have them along to see the children develop and join in with the activities should they wish.

We feel this care is essential to help the children feel at ease during their stay. The rapport our staff build with the children and visiting staff over three days really makes a positive difference to their course. This care combined with our fantastic activities, attention to detail and brilliant staff make our course truly memorable for everyone involved.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, or if you want to check Robinwood course availability and prices; please phone our school liaison team on 01706 814554