Challenge by Choice

‘Challenge by Choice’ is a phrase we use a lot at Robinwood, you are very likely to have heard it if you have visited us for your residential.

It is very important to us that nobody feels overly pressured into completing an activity. We don’t ever force anyone to take the leap off the Zip Wire or to crawl through our caves, but we do encourage everyone to push themselves as much as possible.

That’s where challenge by choice comes in, a guideline we all use with our groups, and one the children can relate to, to help them achieve more during an activity. A clear understanding of where a person’s comfort, stretch and panic zones are. When you’re in your comfort zone, you’re very relaxed and its quite nice, but how much do you learn about yourself when everything is easy? Your panic zone is a place I hope you don’t end up in too often, being uncomfortably scared also prevents you from learning anything from the experience. But the stretch zone is the place to be. Push yourself out of your comfort zone but not so far that you end up in your panic zone

In your stretch zone you may achieve that final step off the Zip Wire or push for the last hold on the Climbing Wall. You may also learn that things aren’t always as scary as they first seem.

The important thing to remember is that everyone’s ‘zones’ are different. You may be scared of heights and I may be scared of water. But we all have our own stretch zone, that most of the time we have to find ourselves. Robinwood is a brilliant place for children to find their stretch zone in a safe environment.

We often find at Robinwood that children who are worried about a certain activity are put at ease by having the choice to challenge themselves, and more often than not, we find they succeed when they find their own stretch zone. And it is our job to help guide them.

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