Developing Children at Robinwood

We make a really positive difference developing children…and we believe we do this better than any other residential

We are very proud of our three day courses, and we believe that they’re a perfect place for children to develop. During a course at Robinwood children will take part in around fifteen different activities, which are all specifically tailored for key stage two children. The activities all focus on different key skills. And all of them give the children a chance to shine in a variety of ways.

We have high octane activities like our Zip Wires and Giant Swings but we also have some fantastic problem solving sessions, where the children get the chance to solve clues and riddles to help their team. All of our activities help them to focus on key life skills such as confidence, resilience and communication.

Our Group Leaders often choose different leaders for each activity, giving the whole group a chance to take charge and guide their team mates through an activity. We often see fantastic leadership skills from children, and usually get surprised by how much children thrive under different opportunities. Groups really benefit from peer to peer guidance, and it is lovely to watch.

Having the same group leader throughout the three days is crucial to the children’s development. It gives the Group Leader the chance to see the children grow, and also means they can specifically tailor our activities to suit the individual needs of the group. The rapport between the Group Leader and the team grows over time and having an adult that they really trust helps the children to push themselves and achieve more.

We are lucky enough to witness the development of hundreds of children every week, each one in a slightly different way. Facing a fear, leading a team, determination with a tricky riddle, the last push up the climbing wall, staying away from home for three days, trying a new food for the first time. All of these things may sometimes seem quite small, but for each child, they are much bigger and certainly very important.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, or if you want to check Robinwood course availability and prices; please phone our school liaison team on 01706 814554